We sell new canopies and install them.  We have all fabric styles and colors. We can find it and get it installed sooner than most!
If your canopy is in good shape, your set up looks good.  Better than looking good is functioning properly.  When your canopy has been properly taken care of it will NOT be crispy and stiff.  It will shed water and not absorb the rain that falls on it. By shedding the water it is also doing its best to send the minerals and pollutants in the rain on its way.  When a canopy isn’t soft or flexible, it is retaining the minerals that are staying in the material time and time again.  Thus the fabric is susceptible to breakdown and weakening, which will rip or tear as it is stretched or tested by the wind or other factors.  SO if you need one cleaned or need a new one because the old one is shot or your spouse wants a different look or higher quality fabric, give us a shout.  If you need one cleaned, we can do a same day or overnight cleaning while you are up.  In fact if you want us to give you an opinion, let us know we will see what we can do to help.  Or we will just give you an opinion that you might disagree with and nothing will change!  Life is to short to get stressed out about your canopy, let us help.  Life is good isn’t it? In case you have to think, the answer is YES!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!  God Bless!
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