Whether its a new slip, platform, rearrangement or a whole new set up for your dock, we can help!  We offer the best in options for new and retrofitting your dock.  It is common to repel an old dock that started out cedar and now it is time to switch to BROCK panels.  Brock tops are very durable and come in a couple of colors including gray and tan.  We will gladly stop by and check out your current tops and measure for something different.  Aluminum frames will last a lifetime with the proper maintenance.  Occasionally the poles and tops need to be upgraded.  On rare occasions bracing needs to be added, but the biggest demand is for accessories of some sort.  Let us help you figure the layout that works for you and the depth you need for your watercraft.  We take pride in measuring more than we should to get the direction, shape and depth just as you want it.  Our specialty is listening to you and doing the leg work ASAP.

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